she pickpockets steve’s cell on the regular and programs the phone numbers of strange women into his speed dial (steve presses [1] and panics when a sweet female voice answers, oh I was wondering when you would call! natasha’s told me so much about you!)

she opens…



A couple weeks ago we posted a Nielsen chart showing how long it would take to binge-watch a number of popular shows. Now here’s part 2, featuring 25 additional shows, though it may as well be called “There, we put Dr. Who on here, now shut up.”

Prepare your weekend accordingly.






yeah yeah tony and bruce science bros whatever but have you considered this

  • jane foster and betty ross


jane foster and betty ross save maya hansen

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And Gwen Stacy gets to her internship in London in time. Darcy made an orientation packet: it’s just a coffee cup and a taser. Best first day ever.

Idina Menzel Let It Go (World of Color Orchestral Version)
Idina Menzel
Let It Go (World of Color Orchestral Version)


so this is the best version of this song that I have come across … cobbled together from two separate recordings … but will have to do until it is officially released.

It seems fitting I died listening to an orchestra performance of Let it Go.